Monstrous titans once vanquished have now returned in Rise of The Ancients. Epic drums and edgy sound design clash with cinematic atmospheres as the fearless stand their ground against the apocalypse.  The stage is set for the battle of the millennium. 
Templar Assassin
Templar AssassinNo Percussion
Templar AssassinPercussion Only
Forces Of Nature
Forces Of NatureNo Percussion
Forces Of NaturePercussion Only
Darkness Falls
Darkness FallsNo Percussion
Darkness FallsPercussion Only
Rise Of The Ancients
Rise Of The AncientsNo Choir
Rise Of The AncientsNo Percussion
Rise Of The AncientsPercussion Only
ImmortalizedNo Percussion
ImmortalizedPercussion Only
Battle For Solitude
Battle For SolitudeNo Percussion
Battle For SolitudePercussion Only
Reign Of Fire
Reign Of Fire No Percussion
Reign Of Fire Percussion Only
ShapeshifterNo Percussion
ShapeshifterPercussion Only
Fire And Ice
Fire And IceNo Percussion
Fire And IcePercussion Only
Dawn Of War
Dawn Of WarNo Percussion
Dawn Of WarPercussion Only